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Meet The Owner

Miranda Moy started Moy Hair Essentials in 2018, when she decided to start her journey of self discovery through the exploration of how to actually care for her natural hair.  When she first started, there were not as many resources nor a large community as there is today.  Like many of us, she was completely unsure of her curl pattern, hair type, and didn't know anything about what she was to put in her hair, outside of heat and relaxers, to give it what it needed to thrive.  Thus, she decided to start right in her kitchen, mixing oils, fruits & vegetables, and creams, and emerged herself in the actual science behind any and everything to do with hair, and black hair specifically.  With this new knowledge and confidence, she decided to create something that would help others just like her also become confident and knowledgeable about their natural hair as well.  Starting out with just our signature Growth Oil, Miranda now hosts a complete line of all natural hair care products.  She continues to connect with women who are on this journey, as well as her local community of Detroit, making sure to always be active in pouring as much of herself and her testament of this journey as possible. 


It was important for Miranda to create her idea of The Essentials, which are products composed of high quality ingredients that are PARABEN FREE, giving your hair shine, softness, manageability, and life without the harsh preservatives.

Moy Hair Essentials was created for all people with the purpose to better produce the overall health of hair,

The Natural Way!



MHE is bigger than just Hair Products. This brand is a representation of me, my journey, and the black women that can relate to that. When I started, I didn't know where it would lead, but being able to highlight and hear from black be able to tell their stories on a larger platform..that is truly what this is all about.

Miranda Moy, CEO of Moy Hair Essentials

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